We get it. The process of leasing workspace can be tricky and we're always happy to help if you need guidance.

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All You Need to Know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hub right for me?

Hub is right for anyone in the San Francisco market needing to lease office, industrial, or flex space.

What kind of businesses does Hub work with?

The simple answer is: all kinds. Whether you’re a start-up or small businesses, whether you work in tech or in textiles, whether you’re looking to lease your very first space or are an established group looking to relocate or expand, Hub can help.

How long does the process take?

When you’re leasing from a building owner, we recommend starting 6 months to a year before you need to move.

When you’re subleasing space (leasing space from another company), we recommend no less than 3 months, but you should plan on it being a 6-month process.

How much space do I need?

Most companies look for about 150 SF per person. For most of our clients, 90-200 SF does the trick.

What’s the difference between flexible term work space and a traditional office?

It’s all about how long you need your space for. Traditional office leases require a multiple year lease term. Don’t want to commit? A flexible term solution could be less than 12 months, but they’re also able to be multi-year commitments.

What are the differences between union and non-union buildings?

Because Unions guarantee added benefits and protection for their members, work done by Union contractors tends to be more expensive than work done by non-union contractors. If your current or prospective building is in support of the union, any contracted work for a union trade (i.e. Engineering, Janitorial, painting, etc.) MUST be done by a union vendor.

What happens after the lease is signed?

Even when your lease is signed, Hub doesn’t stop working. If any questions or issues come up during your lease term, the Hub team will be able to make sure you’re treated fairly.